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General: Crest Select Partners Ltd, its agents, associates or employees will make every effort to keep up to date all the information stated in their website/s, brochures, digital and other promotional material, but they cannot guarantee that particular properties and businesses will still be available for sale when any such prospective purchasers enquire further or even travel out to view. Vendor/s may increase or decrease the price of their properties / businesses and no guarantee is given that the price shown in the Crest Select Partners Ltd various website/s or brochures will remain accurate. In addition, Crest Select Partners Ltd always reserves the right to make change/s to the information, and the price/s shown on the content of any of our website/s at any time without us giving any prior notice.

Availability: Crest Select Partners Ltd, and its agents, associates, employees does not accept any liability to purchaser/s resulting from the client/s inability to view properties and businesses in which they may be interested due to the fact that the properties or businesses may either be (1) no longer available for sale (2) have upward revision of the purchase price or (3) unforeseen circumstances.

Services: All related services/s offered, such as Finance, Mortgages, Insurance, Currency Exchange, Legal and Tax advice, Removals, and any other service/s from any other third party, are recommended in good faith only and any / all such agreements and contracts with any such third parties or for any such services are entirely a matter between the client / purchaser / user / service provider. Crest Select Partners Ltd cannot accept any responsibility therein, nor shall it ever be construed as placing any liability at all on behalf of Crest Select Partners Ltd.

Currency Exchange: Always be aware that currency fluctuations could greatly affect the price you pay in £ stg for any property, at the point of paying any funds over. We advise you to keep this in mind and to always request professional help when transferring money abroad. Please note that properties are usually listed in their ‘local’ currency and therefore an advertised sterling price is often only used for guidance. For a competitive currency exchange rate Crest Select Partners always recommend using the services of our currency partners over at Hawk FX

Liability: Crest Select Partners Ltd, and its agents, associates or employees operate as introducing agents to assist buyers in their sourcing and purchase of properties and businesses abroad. Crest Select Partners Ltd are not liable for any loss which clients may incur for any reason whatsoever resulting (from) any buyers interest in either viewing, placing deposits, attempted purchase, failure to complete, even legally purchasing / mortgaging of any of our properties abroad.

Tenure, Measurements & Usage: Land, property and room sizes given in either the Crest Select Partners Ltd websites, or its agents, associates, brochures, or any other promotional material are subject to survey. It remains the responsibility of the purchasers to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of such information. Building plots described in the Crest Select Partners Ltd website/s, brochure/s and other promotional literature remains the responsibility of purchasers of plots of land to acquire and/or verify necessary planning consents and valid licences. Title and tenure is also the liability of the actual purchaser, lawyer and the selling company. Crest Select Partners Ltd always recommend that the services of a qualified legal professional are employed when purchasing any property abroad.

Viewing & Travel: Contracts for transport by air, railway, sea, or on land, for all accommodation, board and lodging, legal and estate agency services, or for any other associated services shall be deemed to be contracts made between those person/s travelling and the service provider/s. Crest Select Partners Ltd, it’s agents, associates or employees will make every endeavour to recommend only reliable and reputable providers of transport, accommodation, legal, estate agent and any other services. As such we cannot ever be held responsible nor liable for any actions, losses or other damages resulting from any such recommendations.

Agency Fees: Crest Select Partners Ltd, their agents, associates and / or their employees are usually paid a percentage of the builders, agents, or developers profit/fees and this is generally part of the allocated budget for their marketing and sales initiative. Therefore, the buyer does not pay any more for their property as a result of purchasing through Crest Select Partners Ltd. So as such and in effect, the buyer will receive a 100% free service from Crest Select Partners Ltd, including the advice, support, property search and ability to source property in addition to only bringing absolutely the best properties available to our clients. However, there are occasionally some circumstances where a sales admin fee is charged to the client by Crest Select Partners Ltd when there may be either (1) very low or (2) zero commission available from the property vendors / owners. In this case it would be discussed and mutually agreed with our buyer beforehand.

Associates: Crest Select Partners Ltd, its agent/s, associate/s or employee/s shall not be held liable or responsible for the actions of any / all other person/s, companies (or) firms with which it may be associated or have any connections either now or in the future with. Any investment or financial advice given by Crest Select Partners Ltd, its agents, associates or employees are for guidance only. Expert tax, financial planning and mortgage advice should always be required to confirm the client’s own information when purchasing any property. You are really advised to seek this kind of information before making a commitment to purchase any property from Crest Select Partners Ltd or any of their associate entities.

Disputes: Any disputes regarding properties shall be resolved according to the laws of the country in which that property is situated (and) between the buyer/s (purchaser) and contracted seller/s (vendor). Crest Select Partners Ltd are a member of CEI, the European Confederation of Real Estate Agents. CEI have thousands of members worldwide and aim to promote only professional business practice and global networking within the European Real Estate industry.

Insurance: When travelling abroad it is always advisable to arrange suitable and comprehensive insurance cover. Crest Select Partners Ltd, and / or its agents, associates or employees accept no liability whatsoever for any accident, losses, damages, compensation or personal injury resulting from any incident/s related to any viewing trip. Structural and Contents insurance should also be purchased on any property purchased. This is always the responsibility of buyers / vendors. Neither Crest Select Partners Ltd, its agent/s, associate/s or employee/s shall be held responsible for any claim/s that arise from any buyer/s potential loss/es.

New Builds: Whilst every effort is made by Crest Select Partners Ltd, and it’s agents, associates or employees to give accurate information to purchasers on certain ‘off plan’ properties as to the building timescale and completion of such properties, it must be clearly understood that purchasers’ contracts are with the relevant construction company, and not with Crest Select Partners Ltd, nor it’s agents, associates or employees. Estimated building schedules are issued by the relevant construction company. It should always be clearly understood that some delays or changes may occur. Crest Select Partners Ltd, its agents, associates or employees therefore cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any / all such delay/s, change/s (or) any other unforeseen loss/es that may occur therein.

Website Usage: Crest Select Partners Ltd are legal owners of all our website/s and digital content. All materials, logos, images, pictures, and all the other digital content on Crest Select Partners Ltd and any other owned website/s within our group are also the sole ownership of Crest Select Partners Ltd. Website/s copy, text, icons and images from these website/s and their digital materials cannot be used by any other parties or in any way whatsoever unless with the express prior consent (and) by the prior written authority of Crest Select Partners Ltd.

Real Crest Group are an International Realty with Investment Property expertise in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and UK. Contact Real Crest Group (UK) on +44 (0)788 1880 400 or (IE) +353 (0)85 123 2288  Email: Hello@CrestSelect.Com

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